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Hôtel Le Belleval, 16 rue de la Pépinière, Paris 75008

Wednesday, 16 Oct 2019 “Nous les Arbres” exhibition

From July 12th, 2019, the Cartier Foundation opens its door to present you Nous les Arbres exhibition, extended till January 5th, 2020.

Nous les Arbres raise awareness of trees life, their communication skills, their memory or their pollution reaction, as many points showing their vegetal intelligence.

This exhibition gathers artists, botanists, philosophers in order to share their last scientific researches about these plants.

We discover drawings, paints photos, movies and artist facilities, from Latin America, Europa, United States, Iran, but also from indigenous and indian communities from the amazon forest.

The exhibition takes place in 3 stages: trees knowledge, their aesthetic and their devastation.

The anthropologist Bruce Albert, director of the IRD (Research Institute for the Development), has been called by the Cartier Foundation to participate to this exhibition.

This exhibition is a great occasion to discover the Cartier Foundation’s very nice garden of 4500 square meters and 200 plant species, called Theatrum Botanicum and created in 1994 by the artist Lothar Baumgarten.

Address to the exhibition “Nous les arbres” :

Fondation Cartier
261 boulevard Raspail
75014 Paris

Rates of the exhibition “Nous les arbres :

  • Full rate: 10,50 € on site
  • Full rate with priority access: 11 € online
  • Reduced rate: 7 € on site
  • Reduced rate with priority access: 7,50 € online
  • Free for children less than 13 years old every day and for less than 18 years old each Wednesday

Schedules :

  • Open from Tuesday to Sunday from 11 AM to 8 PM
  • Tuesday and Thursday until 10 PM
  • Closing on Monday


Access from the Belleval Hotel:

Metro Line 13 from Gare Saint-Lazare, direct in 12 minutes until Gaîté, then walk along the Montparnasse cemetery.