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Hôtel Le Belleval, 16 rue de la Pépinière, Paris 75008

Wednesday, 06 Nov 2019 130 years old Eiffel tower exhibition

The Eiffel tower was built for Paris’ Universal Exhibition in 1889. More than 6 million visitors come each year to admire this tower. But what do we really know about it?

For its 130 years old, what we called the “Iron Lady” celebrates its birthday until November 24th, thanks to an exhibition retracing its history… what a story!

With a funny and educational path located at the Eiffel tower’s foot, under a white dome of 300 square meter, we can learn many things. For example, we learn that the building project received a frosty welcome from newspapers, speaking about “intruder as monstrous as ugly”, “vile sheet metal column”, “horrible aviary”.

This exhibition offers modern experiences with a lot of videos, activities and old photos, plunging back into the atmosphere of the Universal Exhibition. You can discover each step of the construction with soundscapes, extracts from movies… You will be able to slip into the skin of extreme workers, walking down a metal beam as if we were suspended in mid-air.

The tour is overflowing with anecdotes, such as the worker who dropped a paint can from the first floor and splashed 50 passersby.

First red, the Eiffel tower then became green and at last brown. Artists can have fun during the exhibition to coloured the tower in pink, blue, yellow on touch screens.

This spectacular journey through time give us the envy to climb up to the top of the Eiffel Tower.

Address : Tour Eiffel – 75007 Paris

Rate : Gratuit

Schedule : De 10h à 22h

Access from Belleval Hotel :

Line 9 from St Augustin station until station Trocadéro, direct in 8 minutes. Then, walk along the Trocadero garden and cross Iena bridge.

Official Website :


130 ans Tour Eiffel Paris


130 ans Tour Eiffel Paris